Rent to own madness, is it any good?

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With families expanding everywhere and businesses growing needing more trucks and utility vehicles everyone needs cars. The unfortunate part is that not everybody can go out and just purchase a car car. In actuality not very many people are capable of doing that.

Normally if someone was in the market to get a car, they would go to the bank and get a car loan via their bank or potentially a car broker. As it turns out not everybody is able to do that either! There can be set backs with multiple financial aspects such as not making enough money, a default from a missed payment to a telecommunications provider and a myriad of other things.

As a new alternative there are rent to own car providers that are popping up everywhere. So to look into this new trend we need to find what is the go with rent to own car providers.

At first glance, when looking at rent to own providers, it does look like you are getting a good deal. Usually there are low repayments and the deposit or refundable bond is quite low. Actually rent to own car providers make it looks like it is really easy to get a car through them, and from out testing too, it actually is!

The one thing you should definitely take into consideration is how much you are going to pay over the long run. The weekly payments are low but as the weeks go on the payments and amount that you are going to pay start to add up. Having said this, if a rent to own car is your only choice it is still a viable way to get a car. At the end of the day, when you need a car – you need a car!

If you do decide to get a rent to own car, make sure that you get a car that comes with a roadworthy certificate. It is required by law to have one when transferring a vehicle over to someone else. Any reputable place will be able to provide one. Also in terms of how mechanically sound the vehicle is you’ll want to consider getting a car that has had a recent service, and is not going to break down any time soon.

Know how well looked after a car is can be quite tricky. One of the best was to do this is to ask the rent to own cars provider if you can take the car to a mechanic of your choice to get the car quickly looked over. If you take the car to the rent to own car provider it may not come back with all the issues associated with the car.

When finalising the car you want to make sure you go through the agreement that you are signing to be aware what is happening with the car. This is important when looking at things like missed payments. For example whenyouo miss a payment what is the consequence? Is there even one at all? Some rent to own providers might chanre you a fee for a missed payment. Obviously this is something that you’d want to avoid!

Car trackers are usually fitted into rent to own cars as you’re using their ar with having paid completely for it. The tracker are usually for customers who do not keep up their regular payments. Most rent to own providers will get to a point where if your account becomes behind by a certain amount they will repossess your car. This is why it is very important to read all the fine print. Most good sales personnel will go through the important parts of the contract with you, but remember if you are unclear about something or unsure be sure to ask.

And now comes to our review section. From our testing we have found that FlexiBuy have a great selection of cars and lower prices that some of the other providers. For more information on their rent to own cars check here: https://flexibuy.com.au/rent-to-own-cars-rent-to-buy-cars/